"Mint" icons are a small set of tiny PNG web icons, loosely-based on Shaun Inman's Mint statistics software. Released on the same day as the product of the same name, they provide a few useful little icons in a particularly minty flavour.


These Icons come from http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/mint/



application.pngarrow right grey.pngarrow right peppermint.pngarrow right spearmint.pngarrow right white.pngdisk.pnghelp.pngimage peppermint.pngimage spearmint.pngpage peppermint.pngpage.pngpage spearmint down.pngpage spearmint.pngpage spearmint up.pngsearch.pngsound grey.pngsound spearmint.pngsound white.png

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